What’s going on at the Lodge

Monthly Food for Thought

“Seeing beyond the illness is one of the most meaningful gifts we can give to others…and to ourselves.”

- D. Kessler, “The Needs of the Dying”

What’s happening in October

Please be aware that as the cooler weather catches us, we will be shutting down the deck and sun room soon. 

Flu Shots

Flu shots will be available for staff, families and friends of Golden West on on the following dates:

  • Tuesday October 15th - 9 – 12 and 3 – 4:30. 

  • Wednesday October 16th - 9 – 11

  •  Thursday October 17th - 3 – 4:30

Flu shots will be given in Nancy Hovmand’s office. Please bring your Manitoba Health Card with you.


Elections Canada will be at the Lodge on Election Day (Monday, October 21st.) from 12:00-3:00 pm.

All residents have been registered with Elections Canada therefore residents will not need any I.D when coming down to vote. You may bring your loved one down to the voting station, but you may not accompany them into the voting booth.

This poll is ONLY open to residents who live in the building. There are not public voting stations at Golden West.

Facility Improvements

  • the sun room to deck door will become a motor operated door, so no more heavy pushing and pulling to open/close it.  Scheduled for install before the snow flies so it will be ready for spring 2020.

Current Menu

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