Spiritual Health



Our Mission

Consistent with the mission of GWCL,  Spiritual Health Services believes in the uniqueness of each individual resident, family, and staff member.  We value the opportunity to show respect to each one, to provide spiritual care in a non-intrusive manner, and to allow individuals the right and freedom to express their faith. 

 While Spiritual Health services are offered from a Christian tradition, we respect other religious traditions and  seek to do what we can to ensure each resident’s spiritual needs are met.


The Chaplain

In a non-judgmental  relational environment, the Chaplain seeks to help residents explore issues of life and faith.  

In recent years, the relevance of spirituality and spiritual care is better recognized  in the medical field as vital in caring for the whole person.  The Chaplain works to offer residents assistance in finding faith, meaning and hope whatever their faith tradition or beliefs.  Feel free to stop by the Chaplain’s office located on the main floor opposite reception to introduce yourself.  The door is always open.


Our present chaplain is Major Brenda Coles . She is an ordained and experienced minister of The Salvation Army.  She holds a Master of Theological Studies degree and is presently undergoing education for Chaplaincy certification with Booth University College as well as the Canadian Association of Spiritual Care (CASC).

 Contact Information

Phone Number: (204)-896-2409

Email:  brenda_coles@can.salvationarmy.org



Services Offered

Spiritual Services are provided through the Chaplain.  Chapel services are held Weekly on Tuesday & Friday mornings and Sunday afternoons.

In addition to the weekly Chapel services GWCL Spiritual Health also provides:

Monthly Anglican and Catholic services

Quarterly Memorial Services

Yearly Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving Services

The Chaplin also provides the following services which are available to all residents, resident family members as well as staff:

  •  One to one visits

  • Chapel Services:

  • End of Life Support

  • Family Support

  • Spiritual counselling

  • Community hospital visits as needed

  • Songs by Heart  -  Singing together

  • Bedside  chapel / communion services

  • Ethical Questions consultation

  • Funeral / memorial service planning support

  • Grief  support

  • Assistance in staying connected to resident’s faith community

  • Spiritual Care referrals

 The important thing to remember is that meaning can be expressed in different ways, depending on the individual.  The focus is always on the individual’s language of ‘meaning’, which may or may not use religious terms. 

Towards the end of the Journey

At The Salvation Army Golden West Centennial Lodge, we view each resident from  a holistic perspective.  This means we are not only concerned about the general health care and psycho-social well being of our residents, but also the residents’s spiritual health. Spiritual care is about  tapping into what lies at the centre, the heart of our being.


We understand that  living in a personal care home can be a challenging experience both for residents and their families.  It symbolizes an end of a more independent life and the start of living life dependent on community.  A spirituality of aging holds these losses and gains together. We seek to help residents manage their losses, deal with grief and fear, and assist in the self-acceptance and forgiveness which is important at the end of life.