Resident Bill of Rights

The Salvation Army Golden West Centennial Lodge exists to provide long term care to our residents and support for their families rooted in a Christian environment.  The Lodge is committed to providing residents a safe and secure community of care that maintains a sense of self and home through Christ-like loving service.

 We strive to enhance the quality of life of each resident, regardless of their physical or mental state by providing opportunities for the resident or advocate to engage in meaningful and relevant choices.  Each resident is entitled to the following rights:

  • dignity

  • respect

  • courtesy in a way that recognizes the resident’s qualities, spirituality, characteristics, uniqueness and individuality.

Each resident has the right to be treated with:

  • sheltered

  • fed

  • dressed

  • groomed

  • cared for in a manner consistent with their needs.

Each resident has the right to be:

  • information and freedom of expression

  • giving or refusing consent to treatment including medication, in accordance with the law, after being informed concerning consequences arising from the decisions pertaining to care services accepted or refused.

Each resident or legal designated person has the right to:

  • have reasonable privacy while being treated and cared for by staff.

  • have a safe and clean environment.

  • hold responsibility and to participate.

  • continuity of care.

  • maintain a sense of hopefulness and to be cared for by those who are caring, sensitive and knowledgeable in meeting the changing needs, expectations and spiritual capacities of the resident.

Each resident has the right to:

  • communicate and meet with their legal representative as often as necessary and in private if desired.

Each resident may:

  • Exercise their choice of religion, culture and language

  • Communicate with and have contact with, and visits to and from friends, family and others in privacy if desired.

  • Choose recreational activities.

  • Choose the personal items to be kept in their rooms, when safety and space permits.

  • Select the clothing to be worn each day.

Each resident is to be encouraged to exercise their freedom of choice whenever possible, including the freedom to do the following: