Rates and Trust Fund

Rates or resident charges

These are the fees paid to the personal care home for a variety of services included in long term care. These rates are set by Manitoba Health, based on the Notice of assessment from the resident’s Income Tax Return. Revised rates come into effect as of August 1st each year and are based on the return for the previous year. This means that rates for August 1st 2014 to July 31st 2015 at based on the 2013 return. Rates for August 1st 2015 to July 31st 2016 are based on the 2014 return.

Full details of what is included in these rates and how they are determined can be found on the Government of Manitoba web site at www.gov.mb.ca/health/pcs

At Golden West Centennial Lodge we encourage residents and families to take advantage of the option for automatic monthly withdrawal from their bank account to cover these charges. Any other arrangements will need to be discussed with our finance department on admission. We provide an official receipt at the beginning of each year for use in your income tax return.

The Trust Fund

 is a separate arrangement to cover the costs of services offered on a “fee for service” basis. This includes such things as hairdressing, manicures, outings, music therapy, pull ups, telephone services, labeling, etc. Residents may also shop at our in-house general store for small items such as tissues, candy, cards, etc, and charge those purchases to their Trust fund. There is a $5.00 administration fee applied the the fund monthly.

We ask for the Trust fund agreement to be signed on admission and an initial deposit should be made that day. We provide a monthly statement which allows you to see what has been billed and to replenish those funds as needed.

We strong advise that residents do not keep valuable or sums of cash in their rooms. When appropriate, residents can withdraw small amounts of cash from their trust fund for immediate personal needs.