The Salvation Army Golden West Centennial Lodge exists to provide long term care to our residents and support for their families in a Christian environment. The Lodge is committed to providing residents a safe and secure environment that maintains a sense of self and home through Christ-like loving service.


The Code of Ethics of Golden West Centennial Lodge is designed to address the facility’s relationship with its residents and their families. The Code is based on the facility Vision and Mission statements and guided by the following values:

  • Commitment to systematically seek ways to integrate reason and Christian faith in the delivery of quality care and services to each resident. The holistic needs of each resident (spiritual, physical, psychological) will be the prime consideration underlying both administration and staff functions.

  • Respect for residents’ self determination and dignity, viewing both the resident and family as partners in care and services. Providing individualized care based on the residents’ choices and customs, recognizing the rights of liberty and privacy and the rights to information and assistance.

  • Recognition of social connections as an integral part of care for each resident.

  • Accounting for individual needs in every ethical dilemma.

  • Promotion of total well-being of the resident as first consideration in care and services. Commitment to non-discriminatory treatment of all residents while treating each with equal regard.

  • Commitment to keeping current in knowledge, skills and technology through multidisciplinary (professional) teamwork, public dialogue, ongoing evaluation and follow up.


The Salvation Army Golden West Centennial Lodge will be known as a Home that promotes a sense of wholeness for our residents and their families by providing excellence in care and services in the spirit of Christ.