Medical Aid in Dying Policy


Golden West Centennial Lodge does not allow the administration of drugs for Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) on the property, as per The Salvation Army.

  • GWCL is an Abstaining Facility, as defined by WRHA.

  • Individual staff and physicians may be Conscientious Objectors, as defined by WRHA.

  • Any resident requesting information about MAiD will be provided within 24 hours with the contact information for MAiD, and any necessary assistance accessing the services as per the WRHA policy.

  • The MAiD Team will have access to the resident in a private space at GWCL, full access to the resident chart, and copies of any Personal Health Information required.

  • No resident will be refused admission because of their potential future interest in MAiD.

  • A resident who is too ill or frail to be transferred to another site, or who declines transfer may not be able to access MAiD.

  • There will be no retaliation against residents or families for making enquiries about MAiD, or against staff or physicians for being Conscientious Objectors


1) Any resident or family requesting information about Medical Aid in Dying will be referred within 24 hours of the enquiry to the MAID Team:

Website address:

Email address:

Local telephone number: 204-926-1380

Or to (b) Health Links – Info Santé:  204-788-8200


2) Any health professional aware of the request will:

  • Document the provision of the contact information on the Integrated Progress Note.

  • Notify the Executive Director/Director of Care or delegate (Manager on call).

3) The ED/DOC or delegate will:

  • Confirm that the information required has been provided.

  • Ensure the Attending Physician and the Interdisciplinary Team are aware of the resident’s request.

  • Ensure that any outstanding issues, such as symptom management are dealt with.

  • Ensure that communication with the MAiD Team and the GWCL interdisciplinary team is effective.

  • Facilitate transfer to an alternate facility if required.

  • If the ED/DOC or delegate is a Conscientious Objector, they will identify another individual to assume this responsibility.

4) During assessment visits by members of the MAiD team, GWCL staff will:

  • Ensure privacy for discussions

  • Facilitate access to electronic and paper records for those with appropriate identification.

  • Ensure that a professional staff member is available to answer questions about the resident’s care.


The Salvation Army Policy for Social Service and Health Care Ministry Units on Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)  January 2018

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA)  Policy 110.000.400  Medical Assistance in Dying December 2017

WRHA MAiD Transfer Protocol  December 2017

WRHA MAiD Complaint Resolution Protocol 2017