The Salvation Army is a world wide Christian organization founded in England in 1865. based on Biblical Doctrine and motivated by love for God and a practice concern for mankind.


Golden West Centennial Lodge was established in 1970 to meet the increasing needs of an aging population. It follows in the proud tradition of Sunset Lodge, a Salvation Army home for elderly women which was established on the banks of the Red River in West St. Paul in 1930 and closed in early 1970.

The Lodge is owned and operated by The Salvation Army, under the Province of Manitoba Acts and Regulations governing the standards for Personal Care Homes in Manitoba.

Sunset Lodge and subsequently Golden West Centennial Lodge initially offered elderly persons housing with some additional services and nursing staff. In 1991, the Lodge expanded services to become a full fledged personal care home with 24 hour care offered by an inter-disciplinary team of health care providers. Extensive renovations provided an additional 44 rooms to bring the capacity of 116.

The Lodge shared a Board of Directors with Grace General Hospital from 1970 to 2008 and then established its own community based Board of Management which provides oversight to The Executive Director in the management and administration of the facility.