Donation of Items

Golden West is currently looking for donation of the following items. If you have any of the items and wish to donate them please contact the front desk for more information.

  • 3rd Floor is looking for a donation of a sewing machine. Please contact the 3rd Floor team leader if you have one for donation. Contact information can be found under the Care Units menu and Third Floor.

  • Bingo Prizes (costume jewelry, candy bars in particular Aero, pocket Kleenex, knick knacks, large print puzzle books etc..

Golden West Does not Accept Donations of the Following Items

If you have any of the following to donate please contact the Salvation Army Prairie Region Recycling CENTER call CENTER directly to find out what and where these items can be donated.

Salvation Army Prairie Region Recycling Center - 1-800-757-4483

  • No open bags/ packs of care supplies

  • No Food

  • No Furniture

  • No Wheelchairs/walkers

  • No Clothes