Volunteer Opportunities



Golden West Centennial Lodge relies on more than 70 talented and generous volunteers every year.

Volunteers provide support in a variety of activities and programs and assist clients living at the lodge, community clients participating in day programs and staff who run activities, life-skills programming and outings. We welcome volunteers to participate in whichever area they feel most comfortable.

Our volunteers are teens, adults and seniors – and they all have personal reasons for volunteering. Volunteering allows them to build their resumes, learn new skills, keep busy, discover new strengths and talents, share special skills and have fun.

We expect our volunteers to provide a regular weekly commitment, with shifts ranging from 1-2.5 hours per week. Volunteers are expected to provide a minimum of 40 hours over a four-month period. Our volunteer program operates seven days a week, with a wide variety of volunteer opportunities.DSCN2270


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