Nursing services provide for a sense of well being and optimal health with a 24 hours service based on individual needs. Care is given by Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Resident Assistants (certified health care aides). The Executive Director/Director of Care and the Clinical care Manager provide oversight to the nursing department. A registered nurse also provides ongoing educational opportunities for the nursing staff.


Golden West Centennial Lodge has two physicians who conduct weekly rounds and quarterly medication reviews and are available to nursing staff via telephone for consultation related to urgent needs, medications, lab reports or x-rays.

A resident may retain their family physician if that physician is aware of and agrees to meet the standards of the facility.


The Lodge has contracted through Community Therapy services for Occupational therapy. The major role of the therapist is around issues of mobility – assessments related to ambulation (use of walkers), wheelchairs (seating assessments, securing quotations and trials for new equipment), and transfers (use of lifts).

A physio therapist can be brought in for a consult and an exercise or walking program can be built into an individual care plan. Some families opt to hire private physio therapy to ensure consistent, ongoing rehab services.


The Lodge has contracted through Geri-Aide for all of our pharmacy requirements. New medication orders can be sent daily and delivery occurs each evening. The Pharmacist conduct regular medication audits and meets with the RN and the physician quarterly to review each resident’s medication orders. They also contribute to the annual interdisciplinary care conference.

X-ray and Laboratory

Regular lab service is conducted on sight and portable x-ray services may be available.

Spiritual Care

The Salvation Army provides a full time chaplain who is available to meet the spiritual needs of residents, families and staff. See Spiritual Care heading for more details.

Recreation Services/Volunteers/Adult Day Program

Therapeutic recreation services are an integral part of life at the Lodge, providing daily group and individual programs that are physically, mentally and socially stimulating. These programs receive oversight from a recreation manager and a number of recreation facilitators who work along side family and community volunteers.

An Adult Day Program provides a safe and stimulating environment for seniors still living in the community but in need of some structured programming to help them maintain their physical, mental and social skills. Admission to this service takes place through the Home Care Program.

See Recreation/Volunteers heading for more details and specific schedules.

Environmental Service

This department encompasses the services of maintenance, housekeeping and laundry. Maintenance staff see to ongoing repairs and upgrades to the physical plant and grounds. Housekeeping provided cleaning services for resident rooms and all common areas. Our laundry labels and then cares for all machine washable personal clothing. Family will need to take responsibility for any items that require gentle care or dry cleaning (such as woolen sweaters, etc.)

Our linens (sheets, towels, soakers, clothing protectors, etc) are purchased through the regional health authority and go out of the building for cleaning at the Winnipeg Hospital Laundry.

Social Work Services

Our social worker oversees preadmission assessments and admissions as well as being available to provide support and advocacy for residents and families. These services focus on social well-being, respect, dignity, individual rights and responsibilities, family involvement, counseling and referral. Family support sessions occur monthly and the resident council meets eight to nine times a year.

Dietary Services

Dietary services provide attractive, nutritious meals and snacks for residents, visitors and family members. Our meals are made in sight in our own kitchen. A registered dietitian oversees the kitchen and dietary department. Meals and snacks are based on the Canada Food Guide.

Respite Care

One resident room is allocated for Respite admission as arranged through the Community Home care Program. This allows members of the community who meet the respite admission requirements to spend short periods at the Lodge while their primary care givers have a respite from the day to day care. Respite residents are still covered by their family physician.

Foot Care

The Lodge has contracted services with qualified foot care nurses who visit weekly to provide services to residents on a fee for service basis.

Hair Care

Our on site beauty salon is open from Monday to Friday and can accommodate hair care for both female and male residents offering cuts, wash and sets, perms and colour treatments.


A qualified manicurist visits the Lodge regularly and sees resident on a fee for service basis.


Residents can register to have dental services through the University of Manitoba Home Dental Program which visits the Lodge regularly to provide the services of hygienists and dentists. This is a fee for service program.