Fund Raising

If we had all the money we needed to make the Lodge a brighter and better place… if the sky was the limit in making life better for our residents…then this would be the start of our Wish List.

  • Specialized geriatric furniture; comfortable, washable, attractive.
  • Redecorating of walls and floors in:
    • The Cottage
    • The main Lounge
    • The main dining room
    • Unit Lounges
  • Replacement of the deck.
  • Replacement of the railings around the trees on the deck.
  • A permanent screened in gazebo for the South-West corner.
  • Raised flower beds.
  • New tables and chairs for the Main Lounge.
  • Permanent art work throughout the building.
  • Memory Boxes for each room.

Could you help us with any of these projects? If you are interested in discussing a donation for one of the items above, please contact us at 204 888 3311 to set up an appointment to discuss this.